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Houser, Nativ, Vexelbaum & Co. – C.P.A.

is a firm that is a member in the international organization AGN International that brings together accounting and consultation firms from around the world, which provide to each other business cooperation and professional assistance.

AGN International today has approaching 200 member firms in over 80 countries worldwide, and is amongst the largest of comparable organisations globally.

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Disclaimer: AGN International Ltd (and its regional affiliates; together “AGN”) is a not-for-profit worldwide membership association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses. AGN does not provide services to the clients of its members, which are provided by Members alone. AGN and its Members are not in partnership together, they are neither agents of nor obligate one another, and they are not responsible or liable for each other’s services, actions or inactions.

We provide services to a variety of businesses in the different economic branches in the Israeli market and to those that operate abroad.

We offer our clients a personal service, which includes a full and close support of an accounting partner who operates alongside a professional and experienced team. Our firm has a tradition of professional excellence that its foundations were built about 50 years ago. Our firm is located in the compound of the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan.


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Our Services

Our goal is to provide a professional service and a quick and thorough response in every aspect that relates to our clients’ business conduct. We take care of suiting the services to the clients’ special needs while considering the size and goals of the different businesses, and doing so with a deep acquaintance to the clients’ changing needs.

The firm offers a wide variety of services, including:


Our Firm serves as external auditors and Internal auditors of hundreds of companies involved in most branches of the Israeli economy, including public companies, non-profit organizations, municipalities and other government agencies.


Our firm prepares annual Israeli tax returns for individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations. Because the Israeli tax regime is constantly changing, we work with each client throughout the year, and the annual tax return represents a summary of that work.

Accounting and Money Management

Our firm has a professional and highly established bookkeeping department, a department of payroll accounting and a tax department, which all of them together allow us to offer accurate solutions in money management according to the unique needs of every client.

Internal auditing

Our Firm provides internal auditing services to public companies, government agencies, and others.

Unique services to non-profit organizations

Evaluating accounting and financial needs, preparing budgets, implementing controls, and examining the suitability of existing controls.

Consultation Services- Financial Investments Abroad

Our firm provides consultation and support services for our clients – both the individuals and the companies- that have investments and a variety of business activities abroad. .


Our wholly owned and operated subsidiary, I.M.G. Management and Trust Ltd., provides full bookkeeping services, including accounts payable, payroll, and monthly financial statements.

Payroll controllership

Our Firm provides complete payroll services, including:

  • Processing and production of payroll slips.
  • Planning of wages and benefits.
  • Periodic reporting to authorities.

Consulting and business development

Our Firm provides consulting and business development services, including preparation of models to examine economic feasibility, business evaluations, preparation of complete business plans, and accompanying projects.

Arbitrations, mediation and expert testimony

Some of our Firm’s partners provide expert testimony on accounting and economic issues to judges in the Israeli Judicial System. In this context, we provide economic opinions regarding the financial aspects of legal disputes.

Accounting due diligence

We conduct due diligence at the request of potential investors before the acquisition of a business as well as at the request of underwriters prior to public offerings, to evaluate the economic viability of the subject business