Services – Accounting and Money Management

Alongside our firm, we also own the company IMG Management and Trust Ltd., which is under our supervision, and it provides accounting, bookkeeping and money management services for companies, for small and moderate businesses and for startup companies. In addition, we also provide accounting and money management services for international companies that also have a business activity in Israel.

The accounting and the money management services are managed and supervised by an accountant from our firm who monitors the professional team of employees whom are experienced in the field.

Our firm has a professional and highly established bookkeeping department, a department of payroll accounting and a tax department, which all of them together allow us to offer accurate solutions in money management according to the unique needs of every client.

In the course of the accounting and money management services we offer:

  • Budget planning and the monitoring compared to the execution.
  • Management and building a fiscal forecast for the company.
  • Cash flow management
  • The construction of models for the company’s revenues and expense structure.
  • Managing the activity with the banks.
  • Preparing management reports for the company’s management.
  • Managing the collection array- monitoring the collection of payments from clients.
  • Managing the array of the different payments
  • The ongoing support and financial consultation for companies.
  • Analyzing financial statements.
  • Formalizing and managing streamlining strategies in the company.
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annually statements.

Our purpose is to provide a most highly qualitative service while rapidly and attentively responding to the different issues that accompany the client in his business activity.