Consultation Services- Financial Investments Abroad

Our firm provides consultation and support services for our clients – both the individuals and the companies- that have investments and a variety of business activities abroad. The consultation includes examining the structure of the activity and of the holdings abroad, filing the statements to the tax authority in Israel, and thoroughly examining the interactions between the international tax aspects, the local tax laws and the tax instructions in Israel.

In the course of its membership in the international organization AGN, our firm has a connection with professionals, consultants and accountants from Israel and from around the world. This cooperation with them allows us to provide an optimal answer to every economic issue that relates to investments in different countries around the world.

In the course of this support, the accountants from our firm assist in choosing the manner of incorporation which is needed for the business activity, in the early tax planning according to the tax laws in the country in which the activity or the investment takes place, in choosing the tax treaties that that country has with Israel, and in a variety of aspects that are related to the filing of the tax statements in Israel and abroad.

Our goal is to provide to our clients a professional umbrella in all that regards their investments abroad in order to minimize their tax liability and in order to assure that the issue of taxation doesn’t hurt the economic worthiness of their business activity around the world.